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Originally Posted by fxginbcn View Post
As for lighting, just keep the bulbs far burther away than you would your typical hybrids or indie doms. The idea that closer to the buds equals bigger buds is not the case with sativa dom hazes. Keep it way up. Think about the sun in the tropics in the summer. The sun is killing the plants, so it develops these very very thin long narrow leaves to cope. Indoors likewise, keep the bulbs up high, this will help the plant stay healthy and transpire at a slower pace.

Im sure Yosemite Sam can further help clue us in on how to grow haze indoors properly. I suggest you all look thru his pics/threads.

Bless up.

dude, thats sooo wrong idk where to start

sun killing plants ? wtf ! i wonder what they do in nepal at 5000m altitude with their plants ... oh yeah, and all tropics are desserts bc sun killed all plants ... where is the facepalm smiley?

also the far away thing - is just an idea - one that came up within hempys twisted reality brain and has become a false truth, what a shame ... and his micro buds were to deliver the proof ? all ive seen where big plants, with micro buds and he never hit the 1g/w mark fyi, hempy was never a great grower just a good grower

all hazes and haze hybs i had performed better close to the bulb, not far away, to the point that indi doms and hybs got light bleaching while hazes didnt care at all, also the ion thing is bullshit indoors, keep your humidity levels straight, your temps, some airflow .. thats all thats needed

haze n hybs arent difficult to grow at all, contrary, easier than most white strains or kushes, only thing thats hard is the time, a noob cant kill so much off within 8 weeks than within 20 weeks, thats all
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