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Default The girls are doing marvelous

I can hardly wait, to post pics of my five strains, for you all. After they all perk up from recently bring tranplanted from Pro Mix soil to 4" Rockwool and into my 2'x4' hydroponic root trays.
This batch have all been growing under this marvelous new CLW SolarStorm 880 LED panel.
It is so bright, just the glaring light will burn leaves, if it hangs too low to the plant canopy. It's been difficult to adjust too, as I have staggered a few strains and so some are much shorter than the others that have yet to be trained, clipped or anything. Yet growth is so compact on them, there is hardly very much internodal stretching between leaf sets or branch development and a couple outstanding, are turning into small bushy probable "Mothers.
Yeah, with do many healthy shoots. But no evidence of certain sex yet ;-)
So the light can be raised some, to get more height growth. And the primordial calyxes should begin to show their little visible pistol white hairs.
I have several awesome hobbies, thus is lays número uno.

Much gracias for taking the time to read these mph scrambled thoughts.

Advanced Nutrients, CLW SolarStorm 880 Method Seven Operator LED glasses, MH 1000, MH 400 Magical Butter II
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