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There are mainly 10 steps to make Cannabis Tincture, follow here:

1.) Grind your herb.

2.) De-carb your herb.(There are various methods of doing this, I personally put my herb in the oven at 300 degrees for 12 minutes. Google around to find a method best for you!)

3.) Mix herb and glycerin into seal-able glass jar.

4.) Shake until well-mixed.

5.) Fill crock-pot halfway with water and fold a washcloth into the bottom of the crock-pot.

6.) Put SEALED glass jar with your mixture in the crock-pot on top of the washcloth.

7.) Put lid on crock-pot and power on to the lowest setting.(If your crock-pot has a 'Warm' setting use that as opposed to 'Low'. DO NOT USE THE HIGH SETTING!)

8.)Let sit for 18-24 hours, taking it out to give it a vigorous shaking from time to time.(I personally try to shake it every 3 hours while I'm awake, and just leave it when I'm sleeping)

9.) Fold the cheese cloth over onto itself at least four times, and place it over the funnel. Strain your mixture into another glass jar and squeeze as much glycerin out of your mixture as you can.(BE CAREFUL - Glycerin is HOT when you take it out of the crock-pot. Let sit for at least 20 minutes before straining!)

10.) Fill up your eye dropper with the dark amber tincture you have strained from your mixture and medicate!

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