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Unhappy What a DELAY! had a few problems with grow.

Hi everyone ! All I can say on the matter is I almost lost all of my prized mommas do to a serious bout of paranoia same as my past days involving chprs and not the ones you ride.

Let me say this about these spectacular phenos of Medi Haze, as #3 was chosen, along with #5 for the following reasons.

#3 is the Cannatonic pheno with smaller leaves and the smell is incredible! This pheno is short with staulky branches full of resin and I havent even flowered her.

#5 is the Super Silver Haze Pheno and is a MASSIVE pheno covered in resin glands even before flowering has taken place and a beautiful smell.

I believe those out of control phenos people are mentioning is the Nevilles Haze Pheno as this #5 pheno looks just like a SS haze Momma with a full plant that is solid looking.

Just my opinion but it looks like the #3 pheno would be the shortest pheno taking on the High CBD parents Look as it looks nothing like an MNS strain that I have seen so must be the Daddy Gene as it appears very manageable to grow along with #5 the SS pheno What a Beauty!

Pictures to follow shortly of my survivors.

I actually balled up all my mommas into circles to get rid of and hid them in the woods until all was clear, and the next day I went and found them all balled up out of panic and began the process of saving them.

I had two Medi hazes marked so I knew what they were. as well as MW#5 and Smelly Cure that is Amazing smoke.

One by one I found a few cuts and cloned them but lost MW#5 my prized Giant! gone after 3 years

Anyway, I will share my rescued plants soon as #3,#5 Medi haze were re cloned and are beautiful now as before.

My Cure Land Race Sativa Smelly One is GORGEOUS!!!!!Red high lights SAVED! Amazing Smoke.

Thats why I havent been around and will finish what I started.

Pictures soon.



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