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DAY 31

The plant is in the early flowering stage now and there are flower sites all over it.
The plant is still stretching so that at the end of the branches there are several buds close together where a few days ago there was just one.
It is now standing at about 5ft tall but if you include the large pot it is 6ft from the ground. It has stretched a lot more than I thought it would and a lot more than it did the first time I grew it. It is a lot more like the other Neville's Haze plants, in terms of stretch, than I thought it was.
There is not really any sign of the stretching stopping yet.

Although it is only Day 31, there are already resin glands, just discernible but covering the leaves around the flower clusters. This is as I remember it from the first time around - the resin came earlier than all the other plants, was far more copious and covered a lot more of the plant - leaves, stems - everything, really!

Best of all, the smell arrived yesterday, Day 30!! That is fantastic and just like the last time, when the plant smelt much earlier and much more than all the others.
As I described before, it is very hazy, very sweet and with a fruity 'base' to it (like mangoes and maybe some citrus) it is complex and utterly intoxicating. Very similar to the Mango Haze but zingier (?) - like a fruity ZZzzzing. Amazing.

Still no signs of stress and a happy looking plant. Overall, things are going well. The plant is larger than I thought it would be but I was thinking that it would be too small - so I am happy as Larry, really. I should end up with a worthwhile yield, after all. I will remember not to veg it for any more time than I did this time around or I will end up with a monster.
Quality is as I remember it at this stage last time. Extremely high in all 'head stash' aspects!!!!!
Tickly Resiny Weed over airy pussy weed EVERY TIME.
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