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Originally Posted by The Grey Man View Post
In your friend's defence, I will say that underfeeding is a far better way than over-feeding. At least he is erring on the correct side. I have lost count of the number of over-fertilised buds I have smoked and over-fertilised plants I have seen.
Almost every grow on this site, in fact, shows some signs of nutrient stress.
How many complain about hermies? Over fertilised.
Dark leaves? 'Bull's Horn' Leaves? same.
Total lack of potency of Haze hybrids? too much food.
Bad burning of dry weed? Bad taste of dry weed? hay? Too much salt in the soil.

I just see it time and time and time again.
in his case it isnt "underfeeding" other then using this mg soil lately, he has spent years growing inside and out refusing to feed at all , so thats why i say the mg soil is good for him, he still changes the subject when i tell him he is feeding his plants now because it comes added in the soil, he doesnt want to admit it lol
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