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Thanks for the detailed and informative response Grey Man, I should have been a little more detailed in my post. Miracle Gro is all over the place over here, itís a US company. I was referring to them with the potting and garden soils I mentioned, just never seen their enriched compost. Hereís some of their enriched perlite I picked up at a garage/moving sale, I donít use it for mj just with my house plants, I couldnít resist for a $1.

I use a local/regional high density potting mix and itís good. Itís not cheap but less than the fancy brands, ie fox farms, etc. I mostly grow in the ground outdoors so my needs arenít that great. I prefer to use mediums that arenít fert enriched as those are usually time release and I prefer to add nutrients as needed.

Good luck with the NH, Iíll be checking out the grow. I wish I could grow her but canít grow indoors and she wonít work outdoors where Iím at.
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