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haha...poor friend! Damned with faint praise.. if this technique works with this cut then I'll run it again but side by side with some other brand and we can compare. It's always better to work things out for yourself. Other UK growers can see how well (or otherwise) I do and make their own judgements. If any get better results than me then please say so and with what brand. Perhaps we can work things out together...
I will repeat that I have no idea if MG is the same both sides of the pond, though.. I doubt it is.

The point with this technique is just that it makes growing easy. Add rain water - you're done. It is when feeding this plant (NH) that most of us fuck it up. It is VERY hard to know EXACTLY what a plant wants and if it is a fussy one, like NH, getting it wrong is disastrous..for anyone who is worried about growing this plant, this technique makes it accessible to all. And over fertilised bud tastes horrible, so using this technique should totally eliminate that, too (so long as you get the soil right, which is just a matter of trial and error. Once you know a soil works for you and your particular plant you can just use that brand time and time again and forget everything else.)

I have only just started trialling MG and cannot at this moment say that it is the best but it is working great so far and FAR FAR better than All-Mix, which really upset this plant, and Light-Mix, which just doesn't have ANYTHING in it. You can't grow plants in that!
Tickly Resiny Weed over airy pussy weed EVERY TIME.

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