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havent tried their soil but have used many different brands with slow release ferts and havent liked any, over the years though i have like many others used their ferts with less then impressive results, better then using nothing though for sure, a friend has been using their soil for the past couple years, he raved about it and how good his plants do

but he is the worst grower ive ever known, he swears by not using ferts (even when he wasnt using mg or others with slow release ferts) and never checking or adjusting his ph, so i can understand how the soil is helping him, for once his plants finally see some food

he gave me some of the auto seeds he has been using the past year+ and when he seen the ones i grew he tried to claim they could not be plants from the seeds he gave me, that right there tells me the mg soil isnt enough, doesnt tell me its bad, just not enough, or maybe its too much ? i dunno, but my results compared to his have me remaining adamant about avoiding anything mg

like many of us say though, its not about what works for me, its about what works for you and perfecting it

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