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Originally Posted by yowser View Post
wow, not often you hear anyone say anything good about MG, soil or ferts, it is in canada and the states, but most cannabis growers avoid it like the plague
I have no idea if the MG you get in Canada or USA is the same as over here in the UK but I doubt it very much. All household compost in EC is regulated to a good standard. I'm not sure that it is regulated in the same way over there. I don't use Miracle-Gro fertilisers as they is not perfect for mj but added 7/7/7 in your soil shouldn't hurt your plants at all (as long as it is in the correct amount)

As far as avoiding it like the plague - I am not a Miracle Gro salesman! Use whatever you find works best but I have no complaints whatsoever about this soil so far. I will post photos of my grow. Judge for yourself...

Have you actually used it yourself? If so then your opinion is very useful. (If not then very much the opposite, I suppose.)

It would be good if you explained why you don't like it. I have only just started to use it but as you can see by the photos, so far so good. Even with Nev's Haze...the world's fussiest plant!

If it all goes horribly wrong at any point you will see from this log and I will happily agree with you.

BTW they also do a potting compost which is not enriched and also seems to work fine (at least for the initial vegging period.) It is not on offer round here, though..
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