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Hey BH,

There is no perlite in this soil. It is enriched with something called Miracle-Gro which is a very well-known household fertiliser here in the UK. They are a well respected and long established company. It is a straight 7/7/7 but very slow release so it doesn't over-fertilise the soil. It just keeps the soil fertile for a few extra weeks, which with a 12 - 14 weaker is probably good. They look like little coloured balls in the soil.

I would prefer to find a 'non-enriched' soil and if I found it didn't feed my plant for quite long enough then enrich it myself with something organic like worm castings, (or use more soil!) but there was a lot of this soil going very cheap and it is top top quality. The added Miracle-Gro is a bit of a pain because it blows the 'organic' label away but it still means that you can use just water throughout the grow and the EC of the soil is still great - even for NH.
There is a local company to me, which do a fantastic 'organic cottagers compost' and if I hadn't got such a deal on the M.G. I would have used that instead. Still, MG works just great.
I honestly don't know what they are playing at with those Dutch 'specialist cannabis' soils sometimes - they just don't seem fit for purpose and there are some fantastic soils out there at a fraction of the price which actually work really well, like Miracle-Gro Enriched and Floragard Bloomenard (in Europe.) Apologies if I spelt this wrong - it's been years since I used it.
Potting soil is EXACTLY what you are looking for. The best way to tell if it is any good is by using it. Added fertilisers aren't a problem so long as they haven't gone overboard and you watch out for the organic thing, if that is what you are into. The plant NEEDS the soil to provide it with enough food, after all.

Using mycorrhizae bring the soil to life and really helps the plant 'feed itself' which means that you don't need to feed it. This can be used in most soils and is usually spread around the roots, though some is soluble and the are others that want to be mixes in with the soil. You can't use any water which contains chlorine or chloramine, though, as this kills the soil life. Leaving the water to 'air' for a day or so will apparently get rid of the chlorine but I don't think it would get rid of the chloramine at all (that's whey they use it - it is hard to get rid of..) which is why I suggest using rain water.

I don't know if you can get Miracle Gro soils in the States but I bet there are some great composts over there. Start with a trusted, established company- they will almost certainly not contain any bugs and should have food enough for 3 weeks (in a 10 litre pot.) You will know good quality compost when you see it - it should be soft and smell great and not contain crap and have great drainage and structure. You'll know.
Personally I hate perlite now. If you must use it then it doesn't need to be at a rate of any more than 2 or 3%
Experiment, use the biggest pots you can - 10 litres works for 2 or 3 weeks but you'll need MUCH more time than that! Fill the pot right up to the top, amend the soil with organic food if you have to. (Warning about bat poo, though - I found it very hard to use without burning the plants. Probably best avoided, except in TINY amounts..)

I hope this helps.
Tickly Resiny Weed over airy pussy weed EVERY TIME.

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