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This particular cut is unusual for the strain as it starts really flowering really early and it also stops growing soon after flowering starts, whereas some plants of this strain seemed to keep growing for a while after flowering started.

This one won't be much more than 5 ft and next time I grow her I will veg her for a but longer as I don't think that she is quite big enough for my liking.
Nev's Haze plants can easily reach 7ft, even when flowered with NO vegging time at all. This one is unusual, which is why I have kept her on for a second grows.

The long internode spaces are not a result of the growing technique so much as a genetic trait of the Nev's Haze line. Many sativas grow like this. It does limit the overall yield a lot .

At the end of the day, yield is not always the grower's prime motivation, especially with a strain like this.

I didn't mention the internode spacing because it was good, rather because it is a trait that other growers may want to know about. It is nice to know what you are getting into with a plant like this.
Again, sorry for any confusion.
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