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Originally Posted by weedtrunk View Post
Yo Grover dude that's the shits bomb, I have been reading this and its amazing got me really thinking about the organic side of things. As a novice i have never really thought about not using ferts and chems as i am not in to harsh chemicals or fertilizes so thanks mate i keep that in mind.

Just a few question's mate. You used miracle gro soil dose that still come under the "organic" side of things bit obvious i no your saying 100% so it is right ? Any ferts ? just got me a bit confused just because i always fort miracle gro has strong ferts bit of the "rocker fuel" type ? I no this is the soil not the actual miracle gro feed but i still fort that it would have some sort of strong feed in there.

And you mentioned your not using a waste full water filters like RO i always fort that was the way to go but rain water, might be a bit stupid but what ph is rain water ? Dose it come down to where you are on the globe, i no there's a bit to it carbon dioxide reacts with it to make it to a ph around 5 to 6 right ? and if pH is below 7, the water is acidic and if above 7 it is alkaline ? I live in England like your self so plenty of rain. What`s the ph of the water you collect ? So would you advice a RO for me or to collect rain water ?

They look good man day 23 and have they have only received rain water go's to show that it works they look healthy and there a nice size how tall will they get in total will they be larger because of the large spaces between internodes as well ? Will this method reduce yield ? What will they produce in dry weight ?

But loving you work mate keep it up. sorry as well bit high so if any mistakes my bad peace.
yes, you're right. I named the thread before I chose that soil and it is enriched with Miracle-Gro, which is not organic. Also, the smallest amount of perlite in the 7.5lts of dutch soil I had leftover is not organic but waste not want not. It was left-over and unused otherwise...

Still, don't let that detract from the grow style. You can easily find an organic compost that you like or just use Miracle-Gro. No one from the organic society will come and judge you... I went for Miracle Gro because where I am there is loads of it on offer at the moment. 4 for 50 litres. For interest, I am finding it to be great soil. No complaints at all. The Miracle Gro itself is slow release so the EC of the soil is still nice and steady and not high, like with All-Mix.

Sorry about the confusion.
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