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DAY 24

They are just starting to flower. The fun starts now!
Still growing, though...the vegetative vigour is fantastic.
You can see that the space between internodes is large.
The flowers have arrived very quickly for this variety. This is partly why I liked this plant.
The plant is now around 5ft.
She has still only received rain water. You can see that she is still extremely healthy and has no deficiencies whatsoever and no sign of over-fertilising (unlike with Dutch branded soils...)
This is a happy plant.
You can see that although she is potted in 100 litres of soil, the plant's branches are still much wider than the pot. I have not lost any space using large pots of soil than I would have using smaller pots (such as the 35 litres I used to use..)
In one photo there is a mobile phone at the base of the stem so you can see the relative size of the plant.
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Tickly Resiny Weed over airy pussy weed EVERY TIME.

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