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Originally Posted by Hemphrey Bogart View Post
Is that you, hempy? How you been, man?

Grover, good luck with your keeper NH. The four NH I got goin outdoors right now are only just starting to flower...I think they are all gonna be some giants (well, at least for 20 gallon pots) with one of them currently around 10' from tip to tail and the smallest at around 6' in height and almost as wide.

I'm really curious to see how that keeper performs for you. Keep us posted, please!

Good Luck with those Hempers, I wish I could do this strain outdoors but alas!

The plant is growing vigorously now. Her roots have hit the edges of the pot so it is time to repot her into her final pot, a tub which just about fits 100litres. I have put as much soil in as I can fit (an unfilled pot is a wasted opportunity..) I have managed just over 90 litres of new soil, which, added to the 7.5 litres that the plant is already in, makes 100litres of soil.
This soil is slightly enriched so it should provide food for the plant right to the last weeks of the grow, 11 or 12 weeks, I hope, which should leave a fairly flushed soil for the last 2 weeks of flowering (I hope, let's see how it goes..)
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