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Default Grover's 100% organic Mr Nice Seed's Nevil's Haze from selected clone

Hello Hazers,

I have selected what I think is a superb Nevil's Haze plants. It only took me a packet to find the clone and I think it was easy to select. Go for aroma early in flowering and resin quality, again, early in flowering. This plant was head and shoulders above the others. The only other advice I have is to not waste your time growing out plants that you don't want. Concentrate on your keeper, you will save SO MUCH TIME that way.

I am going to grow it 100% organically. This means without the use of any chemicals or fertilisers and without using wasteful water filters like RO filters. Rain water is the way to go, if you can get it. I won't use perlite or vermiculite in the mud mix, either.

I will grow the plant in 100 litres of mud and add some mychorrhizae (sorry about the spelling!) but that is it. If I had some worm castings I may have used them but I don't. I am NOT going to use bat poo this time as it seems to be too much for the plant. I may try using it again but at much lower amounts. That experiment is for a later grow.

I am not going to use Dutch mud as this seems to be of poor quality and VERY expensive. It has high levels of perlite and seems to be very strong on the feed side. I feel this upsets a lot of my plants and was wondering why for a while until I realised. I then tried Light Mix but that was terrible for the opposite reason. My Master Kaze selection has gone yellow REALLY early on in the grow, damn it.

After research, I think that Levington's John Innes No 3 or Levington's multi-purpose or Miracle Gro Expand 'n Grow are the ones to try. MUCH cheaper, MUCH better. Why am I spending so much on MUD?!?

100 litres should last for many weeks of healthy flowering.

I will try to cut the crap and make this is purely a grow journal, to help others with this plant.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read.

Please ask me any questions, even Troll away, I won't rise to it this time (I hope!)

I know many are scared of this plant but I think more should try it. It doesn't have to be an 18 week slog followed by months of smoking hay!! It shouldn't take 100 females to find something nice.

I hope this grow goes well and de-mystifies this plant for many (also because I will be smoking the results!!!!!)

The clone I selected was from a packet of Mr Nice Seeds and not some clone I have been gifted by Nevil in the early 90s or Shanti's favourite selection or any other pre-Mr Nice stuff. This is the plant you will be growing, should you purchase the seeds.

Grover Sativa (The Grey Man)
Tickly Resiny Weed over airy pussy weed EVERY TIME.

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