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Hi guys,

Chill out a little bit, these are Mr.Nice forums, not a jungle

Iím sure Joaquin386 will post pictures of the germinated seed(s) and make of this a NICE diaryÖ although it would be a good thing if he stopped cracking the beans to see what they have inside, leaving them in a moist environment for a wile longer. Iíve seen beans germinating after 2 or even 3 weeks.

There are to many variables between the moment the beans leave MNS hands and reach the seed sellersÖ after, again a lot of things may happen with the product until reaching customers hands. So letís not jump into a discussion in witch we donít know half of the details.

One thing that comes to mind, itís the germination temperature. Many times sativas require higher temperatures to germinate properly. We are in the middle of winter, far from optimal. I wonder if Joaquin have tried raising temperatures into the 25ļ / 30ļ degrees range?
All the best,

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