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Here's a couple of shots from this morning.

You can see that all of the leaves are dark green and curled at the end. They have little burn marks along the veins. This is despite never having fed the plant. Only rain water. Even the few scoops of bat guano have proved too much. This is over the whole plant. The only other Nev's I have left os totally healthy from top to bottom. It has just 1 less scoop of guano in it but also, the plant may be a little hardier. (I killed 2 of the 4 Nev's plants I had.)

Next time I grow this cut I will put only 1 scoop of guano in the soil and veg it a little more.

The yields are still appalling, on both plants, but the smell of Nicey is so fantastic that it may be worth it. It really REALLY reminds me of the best Mango Haze Pheno (you know the pheno, the proper one, sativa and smelly and resinous..) but less fruity.

Of course by now the Mango Haze would be almost done and full of bud. This one has barely an ounce on it and still has 6 weeks to go....

Still, quality is amazing so fuck it!
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