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Nice shots, GreyMan. Plants are looking great!

As for the height differences, I have the same issue/variance with the NHs plants growing outside right now: One is really tall and all the others are much shorter, but with similar structure/leaf shape/branching. I think the tall one is around 6' tall and it's only July. By August, it'll probably be pushing 10' or more....still not sure what I'm gonna do about that one. I don't want to top it so I'll probably have to tie it down somehow.

I hope you don't mind me posting up shots of my nev's haze grown indoors 2011/2012. I think it went 14 weeks? Can't quite remember, but it took a LONG TIME to finish. I got some full plant shots somewhere...if you want to see them, I'll try to find them and post them up.


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