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Lightbulb Yes, everyone should have at leat one just in case.

HairyKushna, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story much appreciated as I see this as ALL medical for everyone.

When I was at this PTs house, I always remembered him as a Massive Body Builder type person full of strength, and when I went to his place to get him on the Rick Simson Oil, I felt death in the air Yet he was still very positive about wanting to live with me as the caretaker for 24 hour supply for 90 days.

I like always sharing my experience with death with those that want to listen so it comforts them before passing.

I didn't have any High CBD strai but I did keep him supplied with MW #5 for one month before passing.

When death is in the room You as a human will feel it as Life came in fast and goes out faster.

When the Word is read as a person who treats it as holy, then in the second heaven its natural sense becomes spiritual, and in the third celestial,as the natural is successively shed.

This happens because there is a correspondence between the natural,spiritual celestial,and the Word is written by means of nothing but correspondences.

The words natural sense is at it is in the literal sense, all of which becomes spiritual, and then celestial, in the heavens.

And when it becomes spiritual, then it there lives from the light of truth in it, and when it becomes celestial it lives from the flame from with in it.

The thoughts of angels are utterly different from those of people on earth.

Their thinking takes place by means of light, either brilliant white or flame like, these are beyond the range of natural description.

These facts make it clear that the Word is inwardly alive, and so is not dead but living for a person who has holy thoughts about the Word when he reads it.

Moreover,everything in the Word is made alive by the Lord, for it becomes life with the Lord, Amen

peace, resinbud
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