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Lightbulb Divine Love from natural thought

I first want to say THANKS! for following my thread on MediHaze what a plant!
I wanted to share something heart felt I believe most of you will be able to understand as I sit here High on LaNina
The purpose for growing this Amazing strain was to help a PTs husband I have been friends with for for over 25 years and has stage 4 Cancer, he Died by the way, and all I have left for him is his five plants meant to save his life.

I didn't hear about his Cancer until way too late for any type of treatment with the way chemo makes you feel and is aweful.

I guess what I am trying to say is be kind to your neighbor and help your spirit friends as Life is about only this helping one another.

The Lord's presence, morover, is not like the Presence of a man occupying Space, but is a presence devoid of space, which is that He is in greatest things and He himself is in least things.

I know it is only with difficulty that a man can grasp this idea, because it is only with difficulty that he can remove space from ideas of his thought.

It can be grasped by angels, however, into whose ideas spaces do not enter.

In this respect spiritual thought differs from natural thought and wanted you to know the difference from my Death experience and that it is very peaceful when your there just different spiritual senses you never mastered.


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