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Originally Posted by Sirius View Post
@blackesa : well maybe some people like to harvest 50% amber and some don't, its really a subjective thing in the end...

has someone ever use Thin Layer Chromatography to test the THC and CBD ratios at home ? i cant send samples to labs in my country, can i send samples to Spain or Nederland ?
found this kit who seems nice, what do you think ?

How it works | Cannabis Test AlphaCAT

It looks like TLC could do the job in showing aprox % of cannabinoids, not as much accurate as a real MS or GC/LC annalyze but well i hope it can helps to identifiy 1:1 or 1:2 THC:CBD ratios for example at home.

I want this basicly a pretty damn accurate at home tester that also give you info for pesticides, mold and even terpene percentages and identification. You never need refills of any sort so way cheeper in the long term and uber portable. I WANT IT!
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