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Lrv I don't really have much experience with thai or haze. So I can't really say. I can only make comparisons based on my own limited experience. I've collected thai seeds a few times and made hybrids as well as f2 and f3. They all have had similar smells, tastes and highs. These characteristics were found to be in common with traits observed from one pack of Nevilles Haze and a cutting of nl5haze from the nineties. There are hints of citrus in the Thai that I would describe as muted odors that when more fully expressed in the nev's cease to be citrus like in concentration. Whereas in the Thais those odors develope into more woodsy odors with hints of the citrus. The haze is more woodsy transitioning to full on terpentine. I hope I'm communicating effectively enough. These smells are very complex and require an involved description. It would be neat to see what an aromatherapist thought about it. Someone with real professional terpene reference knowledge.
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