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Old 11-05-2010, 06:17 AM
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Couldent help but notice or rather read youve gone through the having to destroy crops to save yaself family whatever,

This very thing i had happen almost two weeks ago when a land lord seen exactly what i was up too there,, so i stupidly offered the land lord a gd cut, being xmas in all i said humbly, but no was the answer and im just lucky the l/lord liked me enough not to do the unthinkable,
but sadly not all tales like mine turn out okay and no one has to suffer any jail time either, i do hope so, we shall see eh"

best regards,

Links to various threads Ive previously written on the forums here - ie: - On breeding pink skunks/
old super skunk hybrid - Medicinal type -

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Old 11-05-2010, 08:58 PM
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hi bambi.
No Fear, its a state of mind, we decide how we feel. Or at the very least try to.
Its gods plant, here before we were, its a prescribed medicine, prescribed by doctors.
MJ is prohibited because it does not fit the agenda of big business, many industries would be affected by the legalisation of MJ.
Do you know anyone killed by MJ? How many do you know killed by alcy and ciggaretes?
Anything consumed heavily is bad for your health, mcdonalds anyone?

Why dont we get the freedom to consume MJ, as we do most any other substance?
Is it because instead of reaching for panadol (bye bye liver) when we have an ache, we instead reach into our closet, instead of reaching for organ bruising beer, instead we toke some homegrown.

Getting educated about MJ (not saying ur not!) can change your whole state of mind, living in fear is for the weak-minded and is exactly how they want us.
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