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Old 04-02-2009, 02:34 AM
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Thank you L33t for the speedy reply. I am sure he could find a fast finisher in SSH. At the time I really didn't know much about marijuana in general and probabily should have told him to run clones, but hey I was a newb haha. To be honest (and totally embarass myself) I didn't know the difference between indicas and saticas haha. So please bare with me. He told me it was a mostly a sativa dominated pheno and that was probabily the explaination of the long flower period, but live and learn. Now I will only reccomend him earlier finishing strains. A first I would just look at whatever flowering time the website said and would think " ok only 10 weeks", now I know better. I know that he needs to take time in isolating a good pheno for his type of set-up. He is not a newbie by far and I was alittle dissappointed he didn't help me out on that alittle. He's a Sicilian and very hard-headed and anybody who has Sicilian family can agree with me on this one. No disrespect to Sicilia in any way, my whole family is from there and I'm %100 Sicilian. But Actually I'm from East Coast haha and so thats basically what I am, I'm "Westernized" haha, he's from Palermo. Anyway take care all.

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