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Old 06-01-2019, 12:42 AM
Dkeppel's Avatar
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Join Date: May 2019
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Default Hello MNS, from the bottom of the world.

Hello all,

I've been lurking around these forums for a while now and it's about time I introduced myself.

It's an exciting time in my country for cannabis, with a referendum on law reform looming in 2020, it's about time for me to start thinking about finally starting a breeding project.

Over the years I've collected myself a small colection of seeds to work with and most recently added Neville's Haze, Nevilles Haze x Mango and The Doors to that collection.

As I have a small family, I'm being cautious, the laws haven't changed yet and I've recently had cancer, I'm not gonna be diving into my breeding project just yet but in saying that I'm not gonna sit around forever hoping for change, life is too short they say.

Looking forward to learning from you all and maybe even passing on some of my own knowledge.

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Old 06-04-2019, 02:31 AM
Marcus_in_the_Darkus's Avatar
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Location: Legal in Massachusetts
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Welcome to MNS, Sam! I hope your battle with cancer goes well and that you can breed many, many generations of quality herb based on the MNS genetic building blocks. What country?
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Old 06-04-2019, 11:25 PM
Dkeppel's Avatar
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 160

Thanks Marcus,

I had the tumor removed and i'm clear of cancer for now, your not really clear of cancer for 10 years sadly, I get blood tests every 3 months and CT scans ever 6 months.

Sadly I lost a body part, got an infection that causes me quite a bit of pain and they can't treat my infection without surgery or it may just heal in time.

I'm from Aotearoa, Land of the long white cloud
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Old 07-21-2019, 08:19 AM
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hello! how do you do?
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