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Here's pics of my current grow of my SSH x SSH. They are 8 days old here. All but the unlabeled plant in the next post came up on Jan 25th. So they are essentially all the same age.

You'll see that some have that funny "kink" in the first set of leaves. That will be there forever...or have in the past.

They have got only water(from the "bubbling" bucket you see in the photos). They won't need any nutes for a long time.

They will stay in these pots until they have a well established root ball. Then I can transplant to next size pot and innoculate them with mycorhizzal fungi.

The ball point pen with blue tape is my combination "depth gauge" and "seed planting tool" The white portion is how deep I planted my seeds, ~1.5 cm

Each set of pics is the same group of plants, just slightly different view. 8 days old in this pic


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