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Hey SF

your little ones are looking good

Thank you my friend!!

I hope they continue to look good. I'm all about happy plants that look good. Usually a sign of good health...which is the ultimate goal of my grows. I haven't gotten "there" yet...there being what I would consider a flawless, or near flawless grow Don't ask me what flawless means LOL!! I just want to have better plants with each new grow.....but I'm closing in on "perfect", whatever it might mean....every grow. I love growing these plants.

btw this is how I water the seedlings too the first week or two. I was wondering do you spray with water the leaves in veg/early stages?

Yes, I think this is a safe way to water early on. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially folks who have never grown plants from seed.

The stuff they sell for "seed starter" soils in the states is basically peat moss ground up fine with a bit of perlite. It's a very sort of "soft, fluffy" texture. If one "pours" water, even carefully, one risks uprooting a tiny seedling more easily than one might think.

Spraying water as we do is a much better method. Easier to control how much and where your water goes.

My soil mix is quite different in texture from commercial "seed starter" mix. I could probably get away with pouring water in slowly with a small cup, but why risk it?

And No, I haven't sprayed leaves during early veg in the past. I may try it this grow. After reading "Teaming With Microbes" I see the value of spraying leaves with various sorts of teas. As long as I've been growing things, I never realized just how plants leaves functioned. There is a LOT going on...on the surface of a leaf. The right teas enhance or stimulate this activity. I find the whole subject utterly fascinating. Can you tell I'm whacked right now?

Wish you all the best with them!
Thanks my friend. Means a lot.

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