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This is how I water my plants at this stage. I use a spray bottle show in the prior post. The water is from that bucket you see in the picture. Water bubbles 24/7. Nothing added to the bubbled tap water.

I adjust the spray nozzle to make a sort of "medium" spray. Not fine, not a "stream". You can see the area covered in the second picture if you look closely, maybe at the full size picture. I spray "around the plant". I do not get any water on the leaves or stem....or I try At this stage, all I want to do is wet the top 1/4 to 1/2" of soil. The plants have no root system to speak of. The lights are not "hot". Therefore the soil in those 3 1/2" square pots doesn't dry outvery fast at all. Roots need AIR spaces in the soil to get going initially. So I really want to be careful to NOT overwater them at this stage.


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