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Default No flowers to speak of.

Slow floral development early on compared to nearby Indicas. That is to be expected with a long flowering Haze hybrid. The largest subject has been bent completely over and is occupying its own two square meter tray with 2 600wt HPS lights.... And it only has a few pistils. Of the four, this one is particularly long and lanky. By that I mean over four feet tall and two and a half feet wide. The nodes aren't overly spaced either. Conifer tree profile. Her siblings look very similar in regards to shape and vary only in heighth. Mostly around three foot tall. All are bent and spread on a horizontal trellis. Nothing all that exciting yet, almost two weeks off the clock and moving right along. I've got some of the best pot EVER and all I had to do is plant the seeds and wait. No cult or political affiliation required unlike the seemingly global elite clone hype renaming scam.
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