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Default Sex?

This plant is really freaking me out. Its been 3 weeks and I can't tell the sex. I can't see up close with my contacts in so I have been relying on taking macro shots. I still can't tell. WTF? Whatever it is, it is really growing a lot everyday. Beautiful plant. I am thinking that it might have to be cut down at this point. It is taking up almost a quarter of the box and I really don't want a 12 week plus plant unless I know its a strong finisher. This one hasn't even started! I think I remember reading that there are some phenos that just take forever. Over 16 weeks or just don't finish?
I have one female .Well she was a runt until the stretch! lol. Now she is more like a beanpole. Maybe that isn't a bad thing considering my space issues. I hate to give up on the big plant but I should have seen flowers by now. I almost wish it would turn up male so I can justify cutting it down.
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