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Red face waiting for the grow to begin

I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my "tent" so I can get cracking, but as it's not going to arrive til monday, I got bored...and decided I could maybe make some kind of DIY clone/seedling/propagation/veg box..

things I used -

one old set of IKEA drawers that look real sturdy from outside but the drawer bottoms themselves are 2 mill ply and as such are about as much use as a spliff with no lighter..
a few bits from my local light supply shop cost 2.50 euros - I still need to get the 27 watt CFL - 7 euro (eventually x2 so box cost total will be 19 euros plus whatever cheap fan I can find)
2 brass hooks
lots of nails

step 1 nailed the drawer bottoms together to create a "front"
step 2 nailed the drawer fronts to the peice above to create "facade"
step 3 nailed more old bits to the bottom to close off and left gap for cables
step 4 screwed brass hooks into top and side
step 5 assembled light and hung
step 6 made a shelf from what was left that can be slotted into any of the old drawer rungs
step 7 attached magetic door clips
step 8 attach foam or big bag plastic all the way around the "front" so as stop light leaks and to make a leak proof flap for the cable gap (I havent done this bit yet - I decided I needed a spliff )

ok so it's no great shakes but you must consider that I'm next to useless with a hammer and that, so I'm quietly pleased - it's ok if you want to have a little chuckle though
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