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Default Great Start

Very nice set up and best wishes with your endeavours.
Am going to get a pack of Nev's Haze soon. and plan on popping at least half a pack, maybe all, growing out bonsai moms and then dedicating my 2 x 2 x 2 meter grow space to this awesome plant! Figure it will take almost a year to get it all going, but I did not have any other plans anyhow, lol.
I once started 5 gifted seeds and 2 did not pop and the other three were males. Gave up on that one, seeds were from the current batch but over a year old at the time. Thinking of going with custom soil mix and organic. Vegetate about 2 months and use 10 gallon bags, currently using 5 gallon bags and some air pots. L33t and resinbud have some great threads. A challenging grow.
Anyway, may all you haze be psychedelic and all your buds be resin coated!-bk
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