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Originally Posted by arpege View Post
I only popped two of these so my expectations are not at an all time high. I just thought this was a beautiful pic for a phone. Hopefully, I get lucky with either a killer male or a female pheno that finishes in a decent amount time and can give me a glimpse of first hand info on what this masterpiece is all about. I always am envious when i see a NH harvest.After all these years of people posting, I can almost taste her. Cooler weather is coming and I should have room for expanding projects. I plan to pop the rest when I have the space. This is a work of art that I have wanted in my gallery for a long time.
Hi Arpege

I know the feeling mate. It's probably the one strain (that and BW) I've always wanted to grow for years and mostly... smoke it and see if it is as good as everybody says.

I've run it twice outdoors and it never flowered in time at my latitude. So frustrating. Still haven't smoked it even after growing five NH about seven feet high... but no buds... or the ones they had went moldy.

I still don't know what to make of it because it doesn't look anything at all like a sativa to me. All my plants had fat leaves and sure they stretched but nothing like my pure sativas. The buds were just strange. Tight little things instead of loose running sativa buds.

Yet the flowering time and length of flowering is all pure tropical sativa. I just don't know what I think about this strain until I grow it right through properly. Good to have a challenge.

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