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The scariest part of all of this, to me, is that the American government did not even test the substantial equivalence of the Monsanto crops before they allowed the release. Now the Monsanto Protection Act (one nickname for a portion of HR 933 signed into law March 26, 2013 that deals with GMOs) bars the federal courts from banning the sale or planting of any GMO product - regardless of any health issues that may arise from the product. Glad the government has our best interests at heart.

Monsanto, Bayer chemical, and DOW chemical are scary companies that have no place in my home or yard.... This stuff has added to my political activism.

Ronin, you sound like you are very susceptible to the problems that can arise from the Westernized diet. I'd like to recommend a book to you.
Robb Wolfe's Paleo Solution does a good job of explaining why our diet is so bad for our health and how going back to our ancestral diet helps. It is a wealth of information and has been a huge help with autoimmune issues for me, my husband, and several of his family members. Although, difficult at first, I have found that changing my diet has truly changed my quality of life.

Natural Farming How-to Videos and Bokashi composting

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