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Default Some Outdoor Tips

Just some general tips for outdoor growers who may want to benefit from what I've learnt this year.

My big mistake was location, location, location. I usually search for sun traps that are sheltered from the wind because my big sativas always get top heavy and either topple over or break branches in high wind.

What I learnt is that my usual approach just doesn't work this far south. A sun trap this far south is actually a frost trap duh!! The lack of wind means that the cold air settles at my little clearings and the ground stays colder longer.

Worst of all... the lack of wind means fungus spores have a real party with my plants. It's also a very tricky location because as you all know the sun changes it's arc over summer so that a spot that has full sun in spring may have no sun in autumn... just due to the way the land lies in this area.

On that subject... it isn't as easy as many people think. The sunniest spots are the first spots the cops check with their helicopters and the spots that all the dope thieves look for. They just follow the sun. The more exposed, the higher up the land you are, the more sun... then the easier it is to spot a crop from the air and I've been busted by helicopters twice already.

It's a very tricky compromise choosing a location as any guerilla grower can tell you and we tend to adapt our plants to the location rather than the other way around.

Next season air movement will be my number one criteria and I'm going to try and get up higher in the mountains instead of planting in the hollows and valleys like I've always done before.

This calls for a real extreme hard out grow and I'm already looking forward to the challenge.

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