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Originally Posted by resinbud View Post
Nevilles Haze does better in the tropics if exposed to sun the entire day without a break until sun down is how I grow NH with amazing results.

I experienced mold like you in similar situation when first started growing NH, and find it a very aggressive plant.

Spray your plants with Organocide every two weeks, skipping the last month before harvest will help control some mold spores and any mildew from moist damp conditions.

There is not one variety on the planet that is not susceptible to mold, not one.

Nevilles haze is the most powerful variety I have ever experienced, and recommend it highly to anyone aprehensive about it, very worth the time and effort.



hey brother

i normally would not disagree with you on many things cannabis, but i have to say that after several encounters and at several locations, both indoors and out, z7, at least la sanadora, the 1 to 1 pheno, is quite mold resistant. at least in europe.

maybe this new herb of shanti just breaks the mold?
sorry for the pun

bless up
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