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Default Unusual Cut

Hmmm I've grown 20 Mr nice NH so far outdoors and not one had skinny leaves like that. All my NH so far have had much fatter leaves than I expected and I expected a lot more phenotype variation. Instead all my plants looked similar and kicked into flower pretty much within days of each other.

I've kept the three latest flowering females that survived mold attacks but they look nothing at all like this cut.

I was actually expecting a much more sativa looking plant but I do have landrace Thai with fairly fat leaves as well. Just all the old pix of Nev Haze it has thin leaves but not these days. To the best of my knowledge Shanti or Nev have never changed the parents of NH so buggered if I know.

Also everybody who grows NH on here talks about diverse phenotype variation which I haven't experienced and the Mr Nice photos of a greenhouse full of NH they all look remarkably similar.

Man the more I find out about this strain then the more it intrigues me.

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