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Default Veg Period Day 35

March, 26

Subject: Nevilles Haze Grow

Grow Conditions:
1. 400 watt MH set at 18" above tops of plants
2. Lights on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours
2. Temp: 77 degrees F. / 25 degrees C.
3. Humidity: 51%
4. Ventilation Fan On/Off: On

Grow Media / Ferts

1. Ferts:
A. Home & Garden- Coco A + B @2.5 ml/per litre of water= 7.5 ml per gallon.
B. Home & Garden- Multizyme @1 ml/per litre of water= 3.8 ml per gallon
C. Advanced Nutrients- "Grandma Enggy's F-1 (Fulvic Acid) @1 ml/per litre of
water= 3.8 ml per gallon
D. Advanced Nutrients- "Grandma Enggy's H-2 (Humic Acid) @1 ml/ per litre
of water= 3.8 ml per gallon

2. Water pH: 5.8

3. Watering Period: Every 3 days

4. Pot/container size: 2 gallon= 7.5 liter


1. Seedlings were topped down to the 3rd node on March 23rd.
2. Only two seedlings remain and have not shown pre-flowers as of yet
3. Leaf Color: Light Green
4. General health is excellent
5. Height of seedlings after topping: 9" / 23 cm.


Since the last report another seedling was confirmed a male and was destroyed. The two remaining seedlings which haven't shown sex yet were topped to bring down the height of the seedlings and the removed cuttings are attempting to be rooted for clones. If both clones succeed in rooting one will be discarded in order to restrict the grow to one plant which is all I prefer to grow at one time.
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