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Default Veg Period Day 21

March, 12

Subject: Nevilles Haze Grow

Grow Conditions:
1. 400 watt MH set at 18" above tops of plants
2. Lights on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours
2. Temp: 74 degrees F. / 23 degrees C.
3. Humidity: 52%
4. Ventilation Fan On/Off: On

Grow Media / Ferts

1. Ferts:
A. Atami- Rootbastic (3-14-3) @ .3 ml per gallon of water
B. Home & Garden- Coco A + B @1.5 ml/per litre of water= 5 ml per gallon.
C. Home & Garden- Multizyme @1 ml/per litre of water= 3.8 ml per gallon
D. Advanced Nutrients- "Grandma Enggy's F-1 (Fulvic Acid) @1 ml/per litre of
water= 3.8 ml per gallon
E. Advanced Nutrients- "Grandma Enggy's H-2 (Humic Acid) @1 ml/ per litre
of water= 3.8 ml per gallon

2. Water pH: 5.8

3. Watering Period: Every 3 days

4. Pot/container size: 1 quart= 1 liter


1. Seedling Height: 7" / 17.75 cm.
2. 3rd set of true leaves are visible
3. Leaf Color: Light Green
4. General health is good
5. Fan leaves have the appearance of an indica


The seedlings have gained 2" (5 cm) since last report and the growth rate appears to be increasing. The Rootbastic from the fertilizer list will be discontinued after this week's report because the time period for its use is over according to the label on the bottle.

The fans leaves on the seedlings still have the indica appearance to them which is typical for the young age of the plant. The sativa appearance will become more dominant as the plant matures.

The seedlings will be transplanted into 2 gallon (7.5 liter) pots at the end of day 28 veg. This will be the final pot size used and clones will be taken when possible. A clone is what will be used for producing a flowering plant.

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