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I agree with what you say. I think it is a whole new world when veterinarians, and people in general, can learn to treat critters of all kinds with a natural, organic, healing medicine.
I think everyone missed the real point in this. Dr Doug Kramer is the FIRST veterinarian in the world to openly be using medical cannabis in palliative and hospice care for animals. He is taking on the national veterinary body, which is even more conservative than the medical doctors. He faces an incredible battle to achieve this. I spoke with him on the phone and he is totally committed to doing the right thing by his animal patients, and he is prepared for any battles that may come, including legal issues. He is a hella brave guy.
Cannabis is a wonderful medicine. The more people, and animals that start using it the better.
Each and every one of us can play the part of an activist to some degree. Being here at MNS is an act of activism. Simple as that. It all adds up until critical mass occurs, then change comes.
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