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Default dont forget factory farms.

There are more crops than cannabis. And growing for the other crops changes the land scape similarly. Also waste from the development and care of the fauna.

It would be nice to see a world where people were living in such a way as to generate and recycle/re-use most/all of what they consume. Homes with roof top aquaponic gardens generating fish and food. Something like 0.55 acres per person of median productive farm land in an average year, and between twice and four times as productive when going hydro/aquaponics.

recycled water and rain catches. proper technology and water demand for real world Need and Usage with Conservation Technology research. where each home or sub-station may operate independant, but may/can also still be connected to networking source to proper take or share as needed/taxed as with energy.

wind mills and solar panels wood/smoke (gassifier/diesel/gas generators/heaters. tankless water heaters. proper insulation.

cars and homes with interchangeable batteries and chargers with diesel as hybrid back-up.

We should All look at how we are living, and try to adjust for a better long term sustainable future. educating kids on how to survive not in a push button computer world, but a real life i need to know how to feed myself kind of world.

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