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I'm in my second week of flowering a Black Widow using a Hempy bucket, and I must say, I am very impressed. The growth and the size of the main stem are dwarfing my other BW cloned plants that are using Roots Organic soil. Even the individual leaves are much wider than her sister plants. Using Hempy's perlite to vermiculite ratio. I started using GH Maxi- Grow, and then ten days into flower I switched to Maxi-Bloom, seven grams. I may have to dial back the nutes a bit, as I noticed some yellowed edges and yellow spots on some of the fan leaves. Using 2.25 gallon bucket, watering every other day. Keeping ph from 5.7 to 6.2.

Thank you for your advice on this method. Been doing soil for years with sporadic success, and the Hempy bucket has made life easier. Will see how the smell and taste are affected. Starting six more Hempy buckets with BW and Critical Mass. I have an 18 week SSH that I'd like to try too.
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