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Interesting little tid bit but...

In this video, made with hi-res satellite images from Google Earth, Anthony Silvaggio, an environmental sociologist with Humboldt State University's new Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, exposes the extent of the devastation wrought on private forest land by industrial-scale grows:
As long as these land is privately held, landowners have the right to use their land as they wish. I don't see any devastation... I see people trying to make a buck using the resources available to them. Humboldt County is one of the least employed in CA by my understanding. Maybe some of those cannabis plants should be replaced with some vegi plants so the growers wont have to purchase food supplies with the money they got from growing cannabis.

This is one area, IMO, where money needs to be removed from the end product... Greedy people grow massive amounts of cannabis so they can BUY what they want. This is not the practice of self sustainability.

The narriator said weed should be legalized but the vid paints a different picture, IMO.
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