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Originally Posted by weezy View Post
Hey Barn,

I had a question about my ss seeds seemed smaller then usual and some where light. The bw I bought about a year ago were massive and awesome silver color! Either way all of my ss came up I wanted to ask you is dreamtime open pollination of just like a field of strains or was it like one year man I love this afghan skunk then the next year it was like wow I found an amazing MHz and another each year and they just kept crossing great strains, or was there an exact pedigree to the dream. Thanks in advance!
I don't know any more than the next guy about the Dreamtime pack, officially it is marketed as a collection of strains. It's probably part of their process where at the end of the day all of the seeds that didn't successfully make it into proper packs go into a collection to be used as a variety pack, but that's pure speculation on my part. Lot's of folks claim to have found some real gems in these variety packs.

For myself, it should be a wonderful adventure and an opportunity to try strains that I would otherwise have to buy a whole pack.

Most people claim that seed size is not relevant and that the same plant can produce various seed sizes.

We shall see

Mr Barnflowers
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