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Default Test Test is this Microphone On?

Just thought I would let yaz know I'm not dead. Still doing the countdown until the beans can be ordered. 2 weeks left and counting down.

I'm back in school and doing my last semester for my hort degree so kinda busy with the books so a little less time for posting. My Sensi Star girls I have going right now are real sugar frosted and I am upbeat about that but they are still putting on weight which means it looks like the harvest date will have to be pushed back a bit

I have been dealing with going to job interviews and my lungs have been weed free since Nov. 15 and that just sucks I have already been head-hunted twice and one is for an assistant growers position at a major greenhouse operation. It looks promising but had to tell them they would have to wait until I graduate because I am not going to go into thousands of dollars in debt with student loans and still walk away without a degree. They said they might be willing to work around my class schedule but that is where it was left at so we will see.

Anyhow, just wanted to let all of you good people know I still have the Nevilles journal planned for any who are interested.

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