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Originally Posted by Donald Mallard View Post
hi morphote ,
well i had a little trouble with nevils haze to tell the truth ,,
i under estimated the amount of sativa , and planted too late in our winter season to get the best out of it ,
had an early plant , jst a little twig of a thing in comparison to the other gals ..

sooo with that in mind im gonna try again and hope i can crack it a bit better next time ,,
particularly i need to prevent the stretching due to hours extending ..

anyhows , thoughts on the toke ,,
well im real impressed ,
and whilst i have a lot of varieties to sample ,
it s one i reach for often ,
so i have a few pics to sort through , and no dried sample shots as yet ,,
hope i can get something worthy of shooting to includ e,
nice thread idea morphote ..

Absolutely stunning mate. Lovely bud formation for outdoors.

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