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Thank you guys. Now I have a question on PH. I am in my first week and waiting for the roots to hit the reservoir. I've been adding 1/4 teaspoon of Maxibloom, and set my PH to 6.2 as per Hempy's instructions. I checked my run off PH the other day - 6.2 in and 6.8 coming out. I'm assuming the the solution's PH in the reservoir drifted back up. What should the reservoir PH be, and should I be concerned that is its higher?

I read a thread on Hempy Buckets on another site, that said to set PH to about 5.9, which allows for PH drift, and that this allows the plant to absorb nutrients that are only available at a certain range. It was also stated that if your PH coming out is lower than what you are putting in, then that means you are overfeeding. Is this true? I've been a lifelong soil grower, and this is new to me.

I read this thread up to page 35 and got tired of reading fights, and then started at page 99 and working my way back to 85 before I saw fights again. Lots of solid advice and knowledge on here.

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