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i was asking about the 'human tumor lines' comment. do you know what exact cell line we are talking about, and whether they were in vitro or xenograft?

also I haven't recently looked into A.D.M.E. data for all the newly explored cannabinoids.

I recently synthesized some derivatives of some natural products as an extension of some drug development work i did as a pharmaceutical scientist, and Overton's rule came up (as a predictive tool for bioavailability).

I took the position that transporters can be very specific and effective, and that without good data conjecture is really not warranted - even in light of protein binding assays.

I should really read up on receptor cross talk and trafficking for cannabinoid family - do any specific references come to mind for you?

I'll will look into Sean's work though (i presume that he meant 'non-psychoactive cannabinoids compounds with structural "similarity" to delta9-THC)

many thanks,

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