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Default howzit TDAI

here is a very nice male that did its business with several receptive girls I had lined up for him.

you seem like the scientific type from your intro and work achieving 4.0 GPA in your Associate Degree. Congratulations.

I tend to take a different approach in this area as my purpose is different than yours. though i have devised templates for detailed notes, everything is in my head. Also, I grow strictly for myself (Med.) and have no interest or desire to eventually capitalize from my pollen chucking. I am careful of my selections though and am happy with the results of my crosses. They (crosses) are everything that I wanted them to be (old school hazes). Nevil, Shanti were the only source that were close to the originals and the products speak for themselves.

will be pulling up a chair to watch your documentation process and want to wish you the best in your up-coming grow. also, user names are usually thought up at the spur of the moment for any and every reason. do you have a shorter handle? for us one-fingered typists any shortcut helps
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